Dosist Vape Pen – Precision Dose Every Time!

The dose pen works the way its design to – these sleek looking pens uses “superior vaporization elements” designed to heat their formulas to a “precise temperature”. Consistent dosage is guaranteed through three key features: optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control. They claim that in this way, their formulas deliver help quickly and accurately. It contains no additions or fillers.

I tried three formulas of the dosist vape pen – sleep, relief and bliss. Of all three, I find that the sleep was the most effective of them all – meaning, I was able to feel the effects after two to three hits. Bliss was ok and I found relief to be the least effective.

How it works is that when you inhale, the vaporizer will shut off automatically after 3 seconds. You will feel a slight vibration which will inform you when you’ve received the precise amount of 2.25 MG of your chosen formula. They recommend 1 dose/hour if you are a new cannabis user, 2 doses/hour if you are a moderate cannabis user, and 3 doses/hour if you are a experienced cannabis user. I don’t consider myself a heavy user even though I smoke pretty much every day – I’m a bit of lightweight too so I always microdose – but with these pens I find that I need to do double the recommended dose to feel any effect at all. And with the $50 price tag for 50 doses, that’s comes out to be $1 per puff…. so if you make your calculations, you can see how this product can get really expensive very quickly especially with the relief and bliss formulas, which I found to be very weak.

It is worth to note the ratio of THC-to-CBD ratio in each formulas so you can get a better grasp on what each pen claims to do.

The relief pen is a CBD rich formula which has a balance of 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio that is meant to relieve “mild to moderate pain”. I wasn’t feeling any sort of pain so I asked my dad to try it out since he was having some neck pain at the time. I’d say he’s a moderate user – a stoner in his youth and an occasional smoker – and i wanted to see if the pen would work for him. Unfortunately, it didn’t. After taking two doses as recommended, he still felt the pain in his neck. I asked if he could do another hit but he honestly didn’t seem too thrilled about it either so he didn’t want to smoke it again. His thoughts were that the pen was “gimmicky” and “expensive”.

On another event, I took this pen when I went on vacation to Florida. Meh! My thoughts are the same – I’d say pass on this. Even if you were looking for some relief with pain, there’s really no point in buying this pen considering there are so many other alternatives out there. First of all, it’s expensive for what you get at 2.25 MG “PER DOSE”. You can take CBD pills that has 25mg of CBD PER CAPSULE. If you need relief for pain, I suggest taking a CBD tincture or CBD capsule instead which will provide you with a much higher dosage needed for pain relief. Not all CBD products are made the same so please do your research before buying CBD online.

Moving on to the bliss pen. Just as the name suggests, the bliss pen is designed to help you feel just the right amount of happiness – a sense of euphoria, if you will. Other words for bliss are happiness, joy and delight. This pen has a balance of of 9:1 THC:CBD ratio complemented by uplifting terpenes.

Here are my thoughts on the bliss pen…

I like the idea of knowing the exact dosage every time I smoke – how I wish that the formula was stronger though! As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a lightweight and it doesn’t take a lot for me to get high. Two puffs of a joint or a bowl and I’m already feeling good. With this pen, however, I need to take five or six “doses” to feel any effect at all (that’s $6 in vapor clouds). After the sixth dose, I finally start to feel what I call “a light sense of bliss”. If that’s even a thing. Actually, it was more like a barely-there feeling – like you feel it, but not really. You know what I mean? It’s hard to explain. But basically, it’s not the same high you’d get from a normal vape cartridge where the feeling is immediate after one or two puff – no, this is a more of a subtle high that you will feel after the fifth or sixth puff. So yeah, if you like feeling high but not really high, then you might like this one. For me, though, if I was smoking to get high, I’d want something strong that will get the job done after one or two puffs. This just doesn’t do it for me. If anything, I was left feeling more frustrated and disappointed that I wasn’t feeling it, so I just keep taking more and more dosage. And when I start to feel it, it goes away after an hour or two then I’d have to smoke another 3-4 doses to get that feeling back. I estimate that I probably took a total of 20-25 doses throughout the day of smoking this pen. That’s $25 in one day, ya’ll. You will finish this pen in two days, three days max.

Now onto the sleep pen. This formula has a ratio of 8:1 THC-to-CBD and is “supported by a sleep-promoting terpene blend that works to help calm and relax your body and mind to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep.” From my experience, I found this statement to be true. When I can’t sleep, I take two to three doses of this pen and find that it helps to relax my body and mind. Nothing special here though since you can get the same effect by straight up smoking an indica, but I appreciate the convenience and that it actually does what it claims to do.

One thing good about these pens is how convenient and discreet it is. It literally is the size of a chapstick and it doesn’t look like your typical vape pen – it looks very high end and it’s really easy to use. With that said, there’s lots of products in the market that offer the same and with better (and stronger) formulas that will last you quite a long time because you don’t need to take so many hits. Also note that once you are finished with the formula, you can’t use the pen anymore. You can’t refill the pen or buy a new cartridge or anything like that, instead “you can return your dose pen to your dispensary and place in their recycling bins to receive $5 towards your next dose pen purchase.”

Final Verdict:

I think the technology is brilliant – a precise dose each time you smoke! Also, the packaging is beautiful and its super convenient! The pen is the size of a chapstick so it’s super easy to carry in your purse or pocket. Nonetheless, I’d say pass on this if you are a moderate to heavy user because you will be utterly disappointed that you spent so much on a product that won’t satisfy you. I think this will be a good product for stay-at-home moms, for example or working mothers or even the working woman (or man) that don’t really smoke but needs a little “something”. Not only is it discreet and convenient, but it also looks sleek and stylish. Nobody will know its a vape pen.

100 Facts of Life

Here are 100 facts of life: 
1. People who spend lots of time in other people’s lives are avoiding dealing with their own 
2. People who confess “I shouldn’t tell you but…..” will do the same thing to you as they do to everyone else 
3. Speaking your truth is not telling other people that they are wrong and you are right 
4. If you have to ask someone else if he/she is right for you then they probably aren’t 
5. Without the journey there is no point to the destination
6. People who stick their head in the sand will eventually get their butt’s kicked 
7. What you see on the surface is rarely what lies underneath 
8. Courage is not to stand in the path of the lion but to seek to understand why it wishes to harm you in the first place 
9. We are not born parents we have to learn how to be parents 
10. Words only have as much power as you give them 
11. Wise people sit in silence only then will the hear their own voice 
12. Angels are not there to do the work for us but to show us the work to be done 
13. There is no such thing as the perfect relationship 
14. Never put the milk in before the hot water when making a cup of tea 
15. We control nothing but our own thoughts and actions 
16. No one can make you happy except yourself 
17. It is only a mistake if you learn nothing from the experience
18. I don’t know everything so teach me I can’t hear everything so tell me I won’t see everything so show me together we will grow 
19. There is more to life than increasing its speed ~ Gandhi 
20. Regrets are choices we failed to make 
21. What you hold in your heart is what you will take into the next life 
22. Just because you don’t see the seed once you have planted it doesn’t mean it isn’t growing 
23. It is only there because you believe it to be there if you had believed it was not there then it would not of existed 
24. There is no ultimate truth because truth is merely perception combined with a judgment 
25. Gender does not exist everyone has ying and yang traits 
26. Your experiences are not who you are 
27. Assumptions are those things we make when we are too lazy to check out the facts 
28. No one is totally objective 
29. Family is not always the one you were born into, sometimes it can be an outstretched hand and a welcoming smile 
30. You are not always going to be right 
31. Humility is the ability to admit you were wrong 
32. Character someone said was the thing you do when no one else is looking 
33. The measure of a man is not what he carries in his wallet but how he carries himself 
34. Speedos are not attractive no matter who is wearing them 
35. If you give an inch, chances are you will gain a mile 
36. If you would not want it done to you, then you shouldn’t do it to others 
37. If you are not dealing with reality, then all you are doing is creating an illusion 
38. Pride is a badge only a fool wears 
39. The person who knows the most is usually the one who talks the least 
40. Everyone deserves to be valued and to be loved 
41. No one has your answers but you 
42. You can only create with the tools you have, so don’t hesitate to add more to your toolbox 
43. Some days are going to suck. Life is not perfect 
44. You never get it wrong, you only learn another way that doesn’t work 
45. It is people not things which give life meaning 
46. You can’t take it with you. When you go no one has ever slipped a Mercedes past the pearly gates 
47. The world will not fall apart if you are not there to hold it all together 
48. Its okay to say no! People do it all the time 
49. There are some things you will never know the answer too 
50. The future does not exist nor does the past you only have this moment 
51. Relatives don’t always know better 
52. Skeletons in family closets will always be there to haunt you 
53. Standing in your truth means respecting the right of others to theirs 
54. You cannot hear anyone if you are talking 
55. You don’t have to live life with the hand you were dealt you can always shuffle the deck 
56. Potatoes won’t grow out of your ears if you fail to wash them 
57. Adult eyes have a tendency to make the world small, yet are always looking for the big things, child eyes make the world big and yet are fascinated by the small things 
58. We should try to see not how people with disadvantages are different from us but how they are the same 
59. It is easy to be a big fish when you live in a small pond 
60. Adults should not let children take responsibility for their life choices 
61. No matter how shitty a job your parents did eventually you have to take responsibility for your own choices 
62. Those who seek enlightenment will never find it 
63. If you need to say it say it now if you need to do it do it now 
64. The biggest regret of those whose time is cut short is all the things they never said and all the things they never did 
65. We only have the moment we are in 
66. You don’t need an inner critic you need to be your own best friend 
67. Change requires action 
68. Misery likes company 
69. We have to be careful that helping doesn’t turn into enabling 
70. Not everyone is going to like you and you are not going to like everyone 
71. Stuff happens that’s just life 
72. Everyone should grow fairy wings and splash in the puddles occasionally 
73. If you keep doing for people they will never learn to do it for themselves 
74. Please and thank you are highly underrated 
75. Nothing is more contagious than a smile 
76. The best gift you give anyone is your time and patience 
77. Patience is the ability to understand it is not always about you 
78. There are many rivers which lead to the same ocean you just have to be willing to look for them 
79. True beauty is not determined by a look but by a thought and a deed 
80. Times stands still for those who are in the moment not rushing by it 
81. Having knowledge does not make you wise this requires a knowing as well 
82. Meditation does not require whale music and contortions just the ability to go to your happy place 
83. You are not going to see the bigger picture until you have all of the pieces 
84. No matter which way you plate tofu turkey is not turkey 
85. It is wise to take a moment before you take a step that way you get a chance to see where your feet are going to land 
86. You may have a seed of greatness within you but you still have to nurture it 
87. Everyone has to find their own pathway 
88. You are not limited to one act of greatness in your lifetime 
89. The only way to stop an argument is to find a solution 
90. Every thing you do or say will come back to you eventually it just may not be in a form you are expecting 
91. Asking for help means you are smart enough to get the things you need to create the life you want 
92. Just because one chapter in your life is closed doesn’t mean you cannot write another one 
93. People are not perfect and we all need a break every now and then 
94. Never leave unsaid words in a room 
95. Nothing is ever about what is we think it is about 
96. Boundaries are the things adults use to make sure no one colors outside of the lines 
97. Every one is more than they believe themselves to be 
98. Every footprint counts no matter who made it 
99. Love with always be the way 
100. Lists fall under the category it seemed like a good idea at the time!

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